New book: Leading Maths!

 I am very pleased to announce that my third book, "Leading Maths: The essential guide for new and aspiring maths leaders" is being prepared for publication by Crown House Publishing and is due to be available in October 2023.

Leading Maths can be ordered from Amazon in England here:

Or in the USA here:

Or from the Crown House website here:

Consultancy and Speaking

I am available for one off speaking engagements as a keynote or workshop lead. I have a wealth of experience in many areas of mathematics teaching and learning. These include (but are not limited to):

  • The use of manipulatives and representations in supporting pupils in making sense of mathematical ideas
  • Curriculum design and coherence
  • Question and task design
  • Teaching for mastery

My prices vary based on the time required and the number of delegates involved, but broadly they fall into four categories:

Half day workshop - 2.5 hours or less. Maximum 50 people. Single interactive session (with break depending on the exact length of the session). Manipulatives/other materials provided for session use. Cost - £300.

Half day keynote - 2.5 hours or less. No maximum. Single lecture style session. Materials may be available depending on delegate numbers. Cost - £400.

Full day workshop - 6 hours or less. Maximum 50 people. Maximum of three different interactive sessions. Includes 45 minute lunch break and at least one other break. Manipulatives/other materials provided for sessions use. Cost £600.

Full day keynote and workshop combo - 6.5 hours or less. Maximum of 50 people per workshop. Maximum of two workshops, plus either one or two keynotes (generally opening/closing or both). Manipulatives/other materials provided for workshop use. Cost £750.

All costs are exclusive of travel and accommodation (if required). Please note that all engagements may be at the discretion of my school, depending on the day, and that any cover costs incurred by my school will be payable in addition to other costs.

If you wish to enquire about my consultancy or speaking services, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Conceptual Maths book

 My second, Conceptual Maths, was published at the end of December 2022 in the UK.

The book is available to order in the UK from Amazon:

Or in the USA:

Or from the Crown House website:

Visible Maths Book

I am very proud to be the author of the acclaimed book "Visible Maths", published by Crown House Publishing

You can preview and purchase the book on the publisher website:

Alternatively both the paperback and Kindle version can be purchased through Amazon

UkEdChat kindly did a very positive review of the book which can be viewed here


Occasionally I am moved to write about education - often either before or after sessions I will be delivering. I host these on my blog

I also regularly write more structured articles for the TES mathematics blog (and very occasionally for the print media as well). A list of my writing for TES can be found here


I host or collaborate on a couple of websites which may be of interest:

YouTube Channel ( - This is my YouTube channel where I create and host videos about using "Visible Maths" to help teachers support their learners in using manipulatives and visuals to make sense of mathematics concepts, and their associated procedures/processes.

Goal Free Problems ( - This is my website where I host goal free problems that I and others have created. An explanation of what a goal free problem is, and their usefulness in teaching mathematics, is included on the site.

Frayer-Model ( - This is a site I maintain with a few collaborators through Twitter, where we host Frayer Models for use in mathematics teaching and learning.

More-Same-Less ( - This is a site that I and my friend Ashton Coward (@ashtonC94 on Twitter) created to host one of our favourite activities for Intelligent practice: the "More, Same, Less" grid.

My TES Shop ( - My TES shop, where I share a number of resources, including the very popular homework booklets, as publicised by Craig Barton in his excellent book "How I Wish I'd Taught Maths". All of my resources are free to use under the Creative Commons Licence.


You can contact me via email to discuss any of your requirements or collaborations at

Alternatively you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page.