I host or collaborate on a couple of websites which may be of interest:

YouTube Channel ( - This is my YouTube channel where I create and host videos about using "Visible Maths" to help teachers support their learners in using manipulatives and visuals to make sense of mathematics concepts, and their associated procedures/processes.

Goal Free Problems ( - This is my website where I host goal free problems that I and others have created. An explanation of what a goal free problem is, and their usefulness in teaching mathematics, is included on the site.

Frayer-Model ( - This is a site I maintain with a few collaborators through Twitter, where we host Frayer Models for use in mathematics teaching and learning.

More-Same-Less ( - This is a site that I and my friend Ashton Coward (@ashtonC94 on Twitter) created to host one of our favourite activities for Intelligent practice: the "More, Same, Less" grid.

My TES Shop ( - My TES shop, where I share a number of resources, including the very popular homework booklets, as publicised by Craig Barton in his excellent book "How I Wish I'd Taught Maths". All of my resources are free to use under the Creative Commons Licence.